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16 different sketches our designer made for the little story artwork.

Do you think we made the right decision?

Bluesie Single Release

Dear heroes, 

here is our new single. We could need your support by pushing up the views. It's a low-budget project but if you want to see how we get pelted with old shoes, fireworks and low-fat milk you shouldn't miss it. So if you have a free second you can watch it, share it, like it and even enjoy it.

Love, Madégras

Little Story - Toasted unplugged session

Our new record is going to be on tape !

You never know if your mind is alright

Jetzt vorhören und bestellen!!! :)





Das Berliner Label RadioTransmissonMusic hat uns unter Vertrag genommen. 

Wir sind gespannt auf die Zusammenarbeit.

Stay Tuned!!!

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